A week in Maldives!

My most expensive visit was in Maldives. But why? I am a curios type of person and what to see everything which is beautiful and also relaxing. The Maldives are incredible, and also they are to expensive to visit. Most of the peoples goes there in their honeymoon. I went there as a single person and I had an amazing time. The resort there and the beaches in the Maldives are incredible and they can relax you every time you go there.

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I know that Maldives is my most expensive visit ever but it is also my most relaxing visit ever. I decided to go there just to see the place and to enjoy the blue beaches of the Maldives. My total cost of the visit there was 3,460$. The price was to high but I wanted to go there so much. If I would visit some other places with all this moneys that could be 5-6 places in one month, but I went to Maldives to get a relaxed week there, and also to have all the place for myself.

It was my first time to go in an expensive place and to stay in a resort which was incredible. I can say that it was very nice to visit Maldives, but it wasn’t nice to visit them alone. I got in touch with some locals there and they offered me some boat trips and also I talked to them about the place and much more.

I can’t say to much about my visit in Maldives, but I just can say that I have enjoyed this place as I wanted and it was amazing to be there. I want to go back there one time, but not alone.  You can do a lot of stuffs in Maldives. Like diving and exploring the underwater world and also you can take a boat ride and the most amazing thing to do there is a plane ride which will show you all the Islands and all the resorts. It’s amazing to be there. I can suggest you this place but think twice before going there because you will spent a lot of moneys.

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