A visit in Hallstatt, Austria

During my visit in Austria, I decided to visit Hallstatt to. Seeing it all over the internet I was curious to see this village in real life. The road from Vienna to Hallstatt was a little bit long, but you get very relaxed after you arrive in the village. The village itself it so amazing. Don’t see pictures of this village and don’t think that this place don’t look magic in real life, the place looks amazing and magic. I still don’t have words to describe it and to describe how you fill when you visit this place.

Hallstatt is know for the Lake which gives the village an amazing view and makes it more beautiful. It also is known for the 16th-century Alpine Houses all over the village, and also the cafes and shops have the style of the 16th-century houses, which makes this village one of the most visited all over the world.

Arriving in the place in the midday, and from the first sight you will fall in love with this place. The place during the midday period was full of people and some of the most visited spots of this place were full of peoples. I had a great time going around the village and also I drank a really good coffee, maybe the best coffee in the world.

Also during your visit in this village you can take a boat ride in the Hallstatt lake which is amazing. With the boat ride I have the chance to see some amazing places around the village and also going near the mountains which surrounds the village is amazing. You will have the chance to see some amazing animals which are little and stays in the trees, which gives you an amazing experience to remember it for ever.

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The village has a lot to see. Especially the houses in the village are amazing. Every house has it own style and they all together creates an amazing view of the village. If you go in this village you need to see it from every corner and don’t lose the beauty of the houses. Some of the locals here can offer you an visit in their house, which is amazing and if you have the chance to go in one of the houses which are located near the lake than you will be the luckiest person who has visited this village.