A visit in Kuramathi Island!

During my holidays in Maldives, I got in touch with one of the locals there and he offered me to go in Kuramathi island. This island was one of the most beautiful in Maldives as the person said to me. And he were right. I am still amazed from this place. I also decided to stay there for the day and to explore the little bit this small island.

Peoples in this island was amazing. They offered me a free diving experience in one of 20 dive places which were near this island. It was really cool to explore the area in into the water a little bit. I saw a lot of fishes which were amazing. This is one of my favorites experience.

As a curious person I wanted to know if the prices of the resorts here was the same from my resort or not. And it came out that this island is one of the most expensive islands in Maldives. This is crazy, but also the resort and the beaches there were a little bit more amazing than the beach were I was staying. In this island you could have you breakfast in a place near the ocean or also you could have breakfast in the beach which is an amazing experience.

Spending my day in this island was a good decision. After the sunset the place started to get an another atmosphere. A live music started near the beach and you could enjoy it all night. I couldn’t enjoy it because it was time to go in my resort. But I can say that if I will go another time in Maldives this will be the island were I will stay.

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