A visit in London!

I am saying that London is the best city to visit. I went in London for a 5 days trip. It was nice and great but to get around the city it was a little bit hard. As a tourist you will get a lot of information but if you don’t have a tour with a group that you will get lost in London. Prices in London are different, in one restaurant you can get a cheap price and in another one the price will be a little bit expensive. The same thing was with hotels, but it is not a big deal, because in London you can find everything.

One thing that I liked most in London are the streets, you will feel to small in the streets of London. As soon as you will go in a street for a walk you will see around you big houses and just a straight street where you can walk until you get a bus, taxi or until you will arrive in your destination.

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Also the telephone cabins around the city are so beautiful and they give you a feeling of an old town. You will be amazed from this cabins and you will love to try using one of them. I have seen this cabins all over London in every corner of a street. Sometimes just one, sometimes they were up to 8 in a row, and they gives to the city an amazing view and also an different feeling from other cities in Europe.

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London is a big city and as I said without having an organized trip in this city you can’t see all the places and you can’t see to much. I didn’t have the organized trip but I walked a lot until I saw some interesting places. I haven’t gone to some important location in London, but my time was limited and my moneys were limited to. But, anyway I have seen enough in London and I am happy with my visit there.


The most amazing thing in London is to go out during the night. You will be able to see some amazing cars driving around the city and also you can enjoy the night life of London in some great clubs which are located in London. I did this and I am happy for it. You can meet some people who live in London, and the most interesting thing is that they are really friendly and you can stay all night long with them enjoying the night and enjoying some amazing music.


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My visit in London was short but the most amazing one. I liked my time there and I will love to be back. I also have made some friends in London. Go spent you moneys every where but save a little bit and go in London, and you will never forget your time there and you will want to go back in London.