A visit in Seville, Spain

During my visit in Spain, I decided to visit some of the best Spain cities. One of them is Seville which is one of the best cities in Spain. I went to Seville from Barcelona by taking a ride with train. Seville, is famous for flamenco dancing, particularly in it’s Triana neighborhood.

I decided to go in Seville by taking the train, because I think that the most relaxing transportation in the world is train, especially when you take a long ride to visit another city somewhere in Europe. I had time to get very relaxed during the road and I also had time to do some works online.

After arriving in Seville I started to look around for the best places in the city. I got in touch with locals and asked them for the best places to visit in Seville. Locals are very friendly and they offered me to show the city and to tell me something for the history of Seville city.

Seville cathedral is the best place in the city and you must visit this place if you are travelling in Spain. This was my fist visit in Seville, I wanted to explore this place a little bit and I got to know a little bit more about the history of this cathedral. I am still amazed from this place, the cathedral is very beautiful from the outside but it is beautiful in inside to. I didn’t expected to be so amazed from this place.

My second visit in Seville was a place called Plaza de Espana. Plaza de Espana is a plaza in the Parque de María Luisa, in Seville, Spain, built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. This was another amazing place to visit, and also it was full of friendly peoples, which are always happy to show you the city and to talk with you to tell you more about Spain and Seville to.

My visit in Seville was short but one of the most amazing visits in Europe. Seville will stay for a long time as one of my favorite cities in Europe. In my opinion Seville is a great city for a daily escape. If you are travelling in Spain don’t forget to go in Seville, it is an amazing place to visit.