A visit in Bangkok!

During my visit in Thailand,I decide to visit some of the best Thailand cities.One of them is Bangkok which is capital of Thailand and one of best cities in Thailand.

One of my friends suggest me to go there so I immediately started to pack my bags and fly straight to Bangkok.After arriving in Bangkok, I stated to look for the best places in the city.I got touch with locals and I ask them for the best places to visit in Bangkok.Locals where so friendly and they suggest different places to visit.

One of my favorite place in Bangkok was Wat Arun.I was so amazed to see this beautiful place.I saw one person there hanging around so i decide to ask about the history of this temple he was so friendly and he told me about the history. The temple was renamed Wat Chaeng by King Taksin when he established his new capital of Thonburi near the temple, following the fall of Ayutthaya. It is believed that Taksin vowed to restore the temple after passing it at dawn. The temple enshrined the Emerald Buddha image before it was transferred to Wat Phra Kaew on the river’s eastern bank in 1785. The temple was located in grounds of the royal palace during Taksin’s reign, before his successor, Rama I, moved the palace to the other side of the river. It was abandoned, for a long period of time, until Rama II, who restored the temple and extended the pagoda to 70m.

The second place I visited was Wat Phra Kaew.I was so stunned when I saw this places for the first time.I saw to many people praying in the temple, I never seen so much love for praying it was so wonderful experience for me.

Bangkok was short trip but in Bangkok I came only to learn about the religion to learn what person was Buddha for what he called the people to pray for him.So many people I ask about Buddha everyone told me something good for this person,they told me he called people for peace for love no hate for the other religions.It was unexpected journey.