Top 10 Places to Visit in Scandinavia

In this post we will show you the Top 10 Places of Scandinavia.The most Northern part of Europe is famous for its unspoiled nature, hip and cozy cities as well as wintery landscape. We have picked ten great places to consider visiting when headed to Scandinavia. Check out the list and pick your favorite!


10. Stockholm Metro Station, Stockholm, Sweden

Metro-Photo by Alexander Dragunov2

Unofficially known as the „world’s longest art gallery“, the metro station has some exciting paintings. First underground painting was painted in 1970s. The colorful rugged surface of the walls and ceiling gives a surreal impression of flaming space. 90 of 100 stations exhibit paintings of almost 150 artists.

9. The Rapa River, Sweden

Rapa-Photo by Sven Zacek

Only 75 km long, the river however passes some incredible sites, while it stretches from its source to Lake Tjaktjajaure. The most famous part of the river is the Laitaure Delta at the mouth of the lake. Due to the unspoiled nature and rough landscape the area sometimes is referred to as the “Alaska of Europe”. There is indeed an impressive wildlife to discover.


8. Stay at Kirkenes Snow Hotel, Norway


The constructionists used a unique technique to build the hotel: they used ice from the lake nearby, which then keeps growing everyday! The hotel has an adorable reindeer, who meets and greets the guests as they enter the dwelling. Each room is unique and arty, while icebar is really cool and hip.

7. Lapland, Finland


Nature here is very diverse because of the geography. The most of Finland is covered by the taiga. The northernmost region hits Arctic Circle. In winter the visitors can admire the Northern Lights in Aurora Zone. Moreover, in the village of Rovaniemi, Santa’s house is located. The village is the most visited place by the tourists from all around the world in Finland.

6. The Troll Wall, Romsdal, Norway

Troll-Photo by Andreas Winter

The impressive wall is part of Trolltindene mountain in the Romsdalen valley. The 1,100 m (3,600 ft) height wall is the tallest vertical rock in Europe. It is a desirable challenge for the climbers and base jumpers. The rock is not solid: the frequent storms and melting ice cause rockfall. Therefore, it is hard finding the route, since it is being constantly reshaped by the nature. There are ten routes established by the various international climbing groups and new possible options.

5. Helsinki, Finland

Scenic summer panorama of the Market Square (Kauppatori) at the Old Town pier in Helsinki, Finland

Locals and guests of the capital can go skiing right there in the city! Helsinki is surrounded with forests, that feature 200 km of trails perfect for skiing. The hills are great to sledge – this is a beloved family activity. Meanwhile skating rinks in the town are always busy as well. Walking on the frozen ice of the Baltic Sea is another popular, quite unusual activity. And of course the most famous Finish Sauna experience, which features a plunge into an ice-cold water, is a must!

4. Hoyvika Beach, Andøya, Norway

Located on the northernmost island in the Vesterålen archipelago, the beach is definitely the most beautiful here. The whole island has a dramatic surface, high peaks, protruding for 705 m (2313 ft) like Kvasstinden and mountain range, which also surrounds this beach. The island, Hoyvika and more beaches can be explored on a coastal trek from Stave to Bleik.

Why to go there?

The 9 km (5.6 mi) trail can be completed in about five hours. It provides numerous panoramic views of the mountains, coast, hills and rocky shorelines. Hikers also have an opportunity to watch nesting colonies of puffins, shags, kittiwakes and guillemots.

Hoyvika-Photo by Stian Klo

Photo by Stian Klo

Hoyvika-Photo by Fred Åge Hol

Photo by Fred Åge Hol

Hoyvika-Photo by Benny Høynes

Photo by Benny Høynes

3. Stockholm, Sweden

The beautiful town exudes the Scandinavian vibe – here you can find those pretty colorful houses, friendly people and cold weather in winter. Visit the museums, restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques, where one can find goods, that are famous for the impeccable Swedish quality.

Why to go there?

One can find plenty of opportunities to visit various cultural events, places to eat and shop – Stockholm is a cozy town yet hip and contemporary.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Stockholm-Photo by René Timmermans

Photo by René Timmermans

2. Lofoten, Nordland, Norway

The archipelago in the northern Norway is incredibly beautiful and unique. Although it is located in the Arctic Circle, the climate here is surprisingly mild. It is an anomaly – the weather in Lofoten is really warm considering its Nordic latitude. It also has a rich marine life, including the biggest deep water coral reef on the planet.

Why to go there?

Apart from having a picturesque landscape, Lofoten offers various activities. Visitors go climbing, hiking, cycling and even surfing. Unstad is the most popular surfing destination. In summer 24 hours of daylight provide the best experience for the rock climbers and mountaineers.

Lofoten-Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

Lofoten-Photo by Daniel Korzhonov2

Photo by Daniel Korzhonov

Lofoten-Photo by Stefan Forster

Photo by Stefan Forster

Lofoten-Photo by Stefan Forster2

Photo by Stefan Forster

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital can be proud of combining the best qualities of Scandinavia and being a hip area in the region. The city is the center of culture. Many artists reside here, therefore besides many galleries and museums, artworks can be seen simply in the streets. Christiania is a self-proclaimed freetown in the capital’s neighborhood. The residents and guests cultivate free spirit fashion and lifestyle here. Those who pursue a career in the arts or are adventurers come to Christiania to get inspired.

Why to go there?

Copenhagen can offer many attractions: from the beautiful botanical garden and parks, to the most exciting night clubs.


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Copenhagen-Photo by Marc Perrella

Photo by Marc Perrella

Copenhagen-Photo by Viktor Lakics