Top 20 unbelievable places in our world

Seeing different places all over social medias sometimes is unbelievable. I have seen some places that I will never thought that they really exists. The first thing in my mind after seeing a picture was Photoshop, I have always thought that it was photoshoped, but not this places really exist in our world. NOTE: This pictures are not photoshoped and all the places in this post are real.

20. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China

Photo by : Gusdianto

19. Cappadocia, Turkey

Photo by :Nutthavood Punpeng

18. All of Iceland

Photo by : Annalisa Harding

Photo by : Kenneth Schoth

Photo by : emmanuel Morin

17. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Photo by : totomai martinez

Photo by : Mahalarp Teeradechyothin

16. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Photo by : Mirko Mahlberg

Photo by : Grzegorz Kaczmarek

15. Mu Cang Chai rice terraces, Vietnam

Photo by : Sasin Tipchai

Photo by : Chanwit Whanset

14. Pamukkale, Turkey

Photo by : Brian Hammonds

13. Halle forest, BelgiumPhoto by : Adrian Popan

12. Slope Point, New Zealand

Photo by : Andrew Fear

11. Monument valley, USA

Photo by : Claudio Bacinello

10. Naica mine, Mexico

Photo : unknown

9. Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/Guyana

Image result for Mount Roraima, Venezuela/Brazil/GuyanaPhoto : unknown

8. Li river, China

Photo by : Pavel Dvorak

Photo by : Declan Keane

7. Black Forest, Germany

Image result for Black Forest, GermanyPhoto : unknown

6. Lake Retba, Senegal and Lake Hilier, Australia

Photo : unknown

Photo : unknown

5. Stone Forest, Madagascar

Photo : unknown

4. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Photo by : Wataru Ebiko

3. Meteora, Greece

Photo by : Makis Bitos

Photo by : Sakis Pallas

2. Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

Photo by : Thomas Heinze

Photo by : Priscila de Lyra

1. Door to hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan

Photo : unknown

Photo : unknown