Top 10 World Highest Mountains

Mountains are amazing, and gives an wonderful view for everyone. But some of them are hard to climb and some others are dangerous. We will share with you top 10 highest mountains in our world. From Everest to Annapurna get a dose of our beautiful nature.

1. Everest Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 29,035
2. K2 (Mount Godwin Austen) Karakoram Pakistan/China 28,250
3. Kangchenjunga Himalayas Kangchenjunga 28,169
4. Lhotse Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 27,940
5. Makalu Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 27,766
6. Cho Oyu Himalayas Nepal/Tibet 26,906
7. Dhaulagiri Himalayas Nepal 26,795
8. Manaslu Himalayas Nepal 26,781
9. Nanga Parbat Himalayas Pakistan 26,660
10. Annapurna Himalayas Nepal 26,545


#Everest, Nepal

Photo by : Konstantin Viktorov

Photo by : Kirill Polishchuk

#K2 (Mount Godwin Austen), Pakistan/China

Photo by : Filippo Leopardi

Photo by : THEMT.CO

#Kangchenjunga, Kangchenjunga

Photo by : Anton Jankovoy

Photo by : Pavlo Vakhrushev

#Lhotse, Nepal/Tibet

Photo by : Arsenii Gerasymenko

Photo by : Bibi Bielekova

#Makalu, Nepal/Tibet

Photo by : Anton Jankovoy

Photo by : Bibi Bielekova

#Cho Oyu, Nepal/Tibet

Photo by : Dmitry Pichugin

Photo by : Federico Ravassard

#Dhaulagiri, Nepal

Photo by : Ajay Pant

Photo by : H. M. Koners

#Manaslu, Nepal

Photo by :Sajid Ahmed

Photo by : T1000 SL

#Nanga Parbat, Pakistan

Photo by : Feng Wei

Photo by : Jehandad Khan

#Annapurna, Nepal

Photo by : Tristan Brittaine