This Photographer Captures Amazing Pictures Around The Netherlands

Michiel Buijse is a professional photographers located in The Netherlands. This photographer is capturing wonderful photos all around the Netherlands. His pictures has reached one million views on his 500px profile.

Michiel Buijse is Founder of Behind The Lenscap. Father of two and an all around great guy. He loves photography and even on a his day off he carries his camera around. Addicted to coffee.

How you started Photography?

Anyway, a long time ago when I was in high school, I joined the schools photography club. Little did i know about it back then, but I quickly learned the basics. Every spare hour I spend in the schools darkroom to develop my films and photos. Do you remember those darkrooms where you had to keep the chemicals in a locked fridge? We placed a second fridge next to it where we kept our beer cool. Yeah, those were the days I tell you!!

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