Top things to do in Brazil include many things that most people wouldn’t even think of. Now that the World Cup has finished I thought it would only be fitting to do a post on what I considered to be the best things see in Brazil. Would it really surprise you to know that the most popular tourist attractions in Brazil include more than just the beach (and women)? Brazil is both the 5th largest country in the world and also has the fifth largest population with over 200 million people.

Bazilian Women

Bundas in Brazil

I’m a purveyor of fine art and Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Many men will travel from the ends of the Earth to see the bundas (curvaceous backsides) on the crisp coastline of the entire country. I will note that while women in Brazil are gifted physically they also have incredible personalities. Don’t all guys want a woman with a great personality?

Visit Lençóis De Maranho

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Lencois De Maranho is one of the most incredible places that I have ever seen and heard of. Outside of the skeleton coast in Namibia, this would be one of the most unique deserts in the world. During the rainy season there are lakes that fill up inside the sand dunes creating an absolutely epic opportunity.  Should definitely plan on heading here to experience something that you can’t do outside of Brazil. The pictures are pretty amazing too.

Visit Jericoacoara aka 

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One of the first things to do upon arriving in Brazil in my opinion. Picture the bluest and greenest of waters in the world. Now picture thick wooden sticks drenched deep into the floor.  Now take a deep breath as you sit in a hammock sipping a cold Caipirinha.  What makes this place so unique is that these are actually fresh water lagoons, not salt water beaches.

Discover Chapada Diamantina & Salvador

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Another top thing to see in Brazil that you most likely didn’t know existed. This is the Midwest of Brazil. Chapada Diamantina in the state of Bahia is a few hours from the historic city of Salvador.  The park contains mountain peaks that span for miles, cave complexes with unreal clear blue see through water, cliffs that you will want to climb, waterfalls, ponds, etc. Very uncommon place especially for Brazil.

Take part to a Carnival

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Carnival is often times the main attraction people look for in Brazil. It is one of the biggest parties on Earth where the entire country grinds to a complete stand still for a full week in February (actually longer, you know Brazilian time).  The best time to visit Brazil is actually right after Carnival starting around early March to late February. The temperature cools down and most of the tourists leave.

Visit Rio De Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is on another level. You can find almost anything in the fomer capital of Brazil. Everything from the most scenic beaches like the infamous Copacabana beach and local favorite Ipanama.  With rising hills spreading the city towards the coast one can find incredible hiking opportunities.