Stunning Images You May Have Never Seen Before!

These images are a bunch of must-see pictures that you’ll probably never stumble upon otherwise. Some are rare and unbelievable, but all are absolutely incredible! From Hitler having to chop off his mustache to fit in a gas mask to an eclipse happening during the sunset, all of these photos are phenomenal in their own right. Check them out:

1. What Hitler’s actual mustache looked like before having to chop it off…

2. The picture below is actually only one picture, and it isn’t Photoshopped either:

3. This is what a plastic water bottle looks like before compressed air is added:

4. This “loaf” of art (actually called a murrine) by Loren Stump is made up of glass and each slice costs $5000:

5. Coins stacked in such a way that they can extend past the table without collapsing.

6. An eclipse and a sunset happening at the same time:

7. Perfect Pyrite cubes formed naturally in nature:

8. What a child’s skull looks like before losing its baby teeth:

9. Brick laying machine:

10. How a human sees the world (top) versus how a cat sees the world (bottom):

11. The Fukang Meteorite, a pallasite (a type of stony-iron meteorite) found near Fukan, China in 2000:

12. A 3D-printed cast that uses ultrasound to heal bones 38% faster:

13. This Lenticular “UFO” cloud:

14. Marlon Brando before and after his makeup for the Godfather:

15. This fish, named the Black Swallower, eats prey 10x its size!

16. Manhattan, New York in 1609 vs. Manhattan now:

17. What the inside of one of Patek Phillippe’s, one of the finest watchmakers in the world, looks like:

18. The US-Mexico barrier in the Algodones Sand Dune:

19. GE’s unbelievably accurate CT scanner called Revolution CT:

20. Perfect geometry in cabbage:

21. What one million colors looks like in a single picture (each pixel is its own color):

22. A cross section of an undersea cable:

23. Shuttle launch from the International Space Station:

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