Grenfell Tower block fire in pictures

The deadly fire at the Grenfell Tower block in west London began in the early hours of Wednesday before engulfing the 24-storey building.

The tower, which contains 120 flats, is thought to be home to between 400 and 600 people.

The blaze raged as smoke billowed.

The residential flats were seen entirely engulfed in flames.

A man (circled) was seen looking from a window as smoke poured from the fire.

Forty fire trucks supported by 250 firefighters responded to the blaze.

Resident in neighbouring tower blocks watched the grim daytime scene.

Local resident Georgina stood distraught as she overlooked the Grenfell Tower.

Others closer to the blaze watched the smoke rising.

Plumes of smoke rose into the west London skies.

Emergency crews had sprayed water from nearby buildings to try to tame the flames.

Other firefighters entered the building, which had raised fears of collapsing, once the fire had died down.

Local residents in Lancaster Road watched on behind fire crews.

Resident Michael Paramasivan and his five-year-old daughter Thea Kavanagh managed to escape.

Another local resident was carried to receive some medical aid.

Posters for missing residents were soon placed in the local roads.

Equipment was seen strewn across grassland.

The quelled fire showed the extent of the horrendous damage.

Tennis courts at the Westway Sports Centre were soon filled with bags of provisions.

Bystanders consoled each other at a bike stand close to the tower.


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