10 Disturbing And Emotional Photos Taken Right Before Tragedy Struck

When tragedy strikes, it’s often difficult to think of the victims as regular human beings, just like one of us. We elevate them to the status of heroes, martyrs, and angels, but sometimes it’s just as important to remember they were just everyday people going about their business.

The following photos show people who died in horrible tragedies just moments before their lives ended, be it from a plane crash, murder, or simply putting their foot in the wrong place. Be warned: these photos are not designed for people who can’t handle some serious feels.

85047061This selfie was taken by Dutch teenager Gary Slok, sitting next to his mum Petra, right before the doomed Malaysia Airlines flight took off and was never seen again.


85047062This woman sent a Snapchat of her boyfriend and his gun before he shoots her dead in Little Rock, Arkansas.


85047063Gabriela Hernandez posted this photo of herself on Facebook before committing suicide in 2013.


85047064Dave Hally took one last photo of his wife and four-year-old daughter before takeoff for their dream vacation aboard Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.


85047067Canadian soldier Robert Gilbin posted this image to Facebook with the caption “Happiness is”, before stabbing his pregnant wife, throwing her off the balcony, and then jumping to his death.


85047077The crew of the Challenger on their way to board their ill-fated shuttle in 1986.


85047071Russian Andrey Retrovsky ten seconds away from falling to his death, all for the perfect Instagram shot.


85047072Actress Sharon Tate in her Los Angeles backyard in August 1969. Later that evening she would be slaughtered by members of Charles Manson’s crime family.


85047073Japanese exchange student Ayano Tokumasu standing tall in the background of this couple’s photo moments before losing her footing and being swept over Niagara Falls to her death.


85047070Gilles Leclerc with his girlfriend in the now infamous Bataclan, moments before the Paris shootings.