Here Are 15 Hilarious Photos That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

Everyone knows the old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and we all know that to be very true. Pictures can have different purposes to them, whether it’s for lifelong memories, to understand something better or just for decoration.

Then there are pictures that literally make you have those ‘OMG’ moments that can make you see life in a completely different way. We aren’t talking about seeing a photo of your ex with a new girl. We’re talking about something more useful.

In other words, there are photos that may look completely weird and out of the ordinary, but at the end of the day they make you think. There’s a reason behind them and you might actually learn a thing or two.

If you’re not really sure what we mean, here are fifteen hilarious photos that might just make you question your sanity:

Via : Providr


1. If you don’t have a coaster, don’t worry. Simply place the bottom of a Starbucks plastic cup under your drink. It’ll prevent watermarks.#1 Imgur


2. Did your mind just get blown like ours did? Ya, chickens can swim! Or just float. Though their feathers aren’t waterproof, they have natural instincts to swim.#2 Tumblr


3. Food containers that you get from restaurants actually make useful plates or eating surfaces. You can always refold them if you don’t finish.#3 WittyFeed


4. This is brilliant. Here’s a way of eating a cupcake without getting frosting all over your face and fingers. Just cut it in half and with the frosting in the middle, create a sandwich.#4 Spoon University



5. Dogs drink water by forming a cup with their tongue, flicking it back into their mouth. They have “incomplete cheeks” that enable them from opening their mouth wide.#5 Liveleak


6. Ever wondered how powerful an earthquake really is? Check out this photo of a railroad track in New Zealand that was formed into an S curve after an earthquake.#6


7. This photo shows that the Easter Island heads actually have bodies. These statues range in size, with the tallest statue being around 33 feet.#7Wordlesstech


8. What do you do when the battery in your keyless fob dies? Some cars actually have a secret panel which has a car lock. You just have to use the key to get the panel loose.#8 VAGCars


9. In 2008, a penguin named Nils Olav was knighted by the Norwegian Royal Guard. Once adopted, the penguin became the official mascot of the Guards.

 #9 WittyFeed

10. Did you know that the back of British coins can be arranged to display the Royal Coat of Arms? Pretty cool. The special design was introduced in 2008.#10 Urbo


11. Apparently, the lid of Snapple bottles can tell us a lot. Here it basically tells us that one Venus year is 225 Earth days, and one Venus day is 243 Earth days#11 sooziQ


12. This photo made us question a lot about retail. This is proof that things aren’t always what they seem. Now we know how they fold jeans perfectly.#12 Upsocl


13. If you read his books, you probably already know this. George R.R. Martin has killed a lot of people in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. He’s killed 116 male characters versus 17 female ones. #13 Twitter

14. We don’t know if this was photoshopped, but looking at this long banana is tearing us apart. Is it appetizing or does it just look like a weird squiggly worm?#14 Taringa!


15. This adorable puppy seems to be completely content being snuggled up inside a wrap. We probably wouldn’t recommend anyone doing it, but it makes for a cute photo.#15 Funny junk