18 Deeply Confused People Who’ve Clearly Forgot How Life Works

We’ve all had one of those days where all you seem capable of is screwing up. For most of us at work, that means a typo in an e-mail, or a spilled drink, or a wrong order, or any of the little accidents that usually happen as a result of a momentary lapse in concentration. At home, a mistake can result in some real stupidity, like when you brush your teeth with skin cream instead of toothpaste, or pour orange juice into your breakfast cereal, as I have done many times before.

It used to be that these acts of idiocy would be forgotten almost instantly, but the ubiquity of the internet means that it’s easier than ever to capture and share pictures of people who, for whatever reason, have done something really stupid. Maybe they’ve been doing some simple act wrong their whole life, or maybe they’ve really messed up the planning and design of something – it doesn’t matter. Their failure is now ours to enjoy.

Via: ViralThread

1. This t-shirt’s slogan is awful


2. What a view!


3. This makes my blood boil


4. Some real professional advice 


5. A good way to get arrested


6. This would make for an uncomfortable bathroom encounter


7. Someone doesn’t really understand what an acronym is


8. Someone else has missed the point of a padlock


9. What the hell?


10. The best sandwich ever made


11. Not the comfiest chair


12. Probably the laziest image I’ve seen all week


13. Somebody really wanted a three-day-weekend


14. So much for fire safety regulations


15. Whoever made this menu needs to learn how to pour a drink


16. This person really doesn’t get shaving


17. They just didn’t care


18. Hosing your car… in the rain