The Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever (10+ Pics)

We’ve featured several Photoshop Battles here on Bored Panda over the years, from badass hawks and awkward half-cats to naked guinea pigs and superhero squirrels, but this time we’re bringing you a collection of the very best Photoshop battles that the internet has to offer.

Compiled by Bored Panda, the list below contains before and after pictures from some of our favorite PS battles ever waged. Let us know which ones are the best, and don’t forget to vote for the funniest!

German Shepherd On IceGerman Shepherd On Ice


This Rescued SlothThis Rescued Sloth


Trump Trying To Close His PenTrump Trying To Close His Pen


This Badass HawkThis Badass Hawk


Just A Minute Of Your Time, SirJust A Minute Of Your Time, Sir


Hugh Jackman Looking Out Of A Car WindowHugh Jackman Looking Out Of A Car Window


Screaming LlamaScreaming Llama


Donald Trump In A BathrobeDonald Trump In A Bathrobe


This Dog-Friendly GateThis Dog-Friendly Gate


Their Expression Says It AllTheir Expression Says It All


A Frog With Snails On Its Head, Resembling Princess Leia


Capybara With Some Squirrel MonkeysCapybara With Some Squirrel Monkeys


Cat Flowing Down A SofaCat Flowing Down A Sofa

Fox Smelling A FlowerFox Smelling A Flower


A Quokka Photobombing A SelfieA Quokka Photobombing A Selfie


This Gecko Strumming A LeafThis Gecko Strumming A Leaf


This Alpaca Judging Your Driving AbilityThis Alpaca Judging Your Driving Ability


Guilty LeopardGuilty Leopard


Bird Kicking BirdBird Kicking Bird


Leonardo Dicaprio Hiding From PaparazziLeonardo Dicaprio Hiding From Paparazzi


2 Dogs Hugging2 Dogs Hugging


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