15 Instagram Vs Real Life Images to Ruin Your Faith

Jealous of the girls/boys who post really cool pictures on Instagram..? Well, never believe your eyes while browsing Instagram. Those pictures underwent many filters and editing. Never judge a person by his appearance and definitely not on Instagram. Those cool filters in Instagram can really make one look from an ugly pig to unicorn.

Via : Sarcasm

Check out these Instagram vs real life instances to know the reality of these pictures.


1- The big bad B**ty. Belly*Instagram vs Real Life Images


2- And that celeb look. Fool no more.Instagram vs Real Life Images


3- Excuse me..? Are people dying to get that and you cheating?Instagram vs Real Life Images


4- No more faith left and I am just half way.Instagram vs Real Life Images


5- This will at least get you to s3xt with someone.Instagram vs Real Life Images


6- Anything for a good shot. Even a good fallinstagram



7- Even Justin Bieber needs to fake. Kill me pleaseInstagram vs Real Life Images


8- Or maybe she is pregnant. :/ Why fake ?12797796_489162727933519_467776773_n

9- Yeah ! and I used to think my life sucks.girls-nightout1


10- This is cool though :pinstagram-vs-reality1


11- This is real Instagram vs reality. Share people…! spread the truth.12531160_1051512984908763_2136332091_n


12- Still better than others.12357312_579367945550943_1425241816_n


13- Ouch