I Bought A $60,000 Digital Camera But I Still Prefer Film. Can You Spot The Difference?

In 2011, I bought a used Fuji Gx617 off eBay, a camera last produced in 1993. I had never photographed with film before so it was a learning curve for sure. Though with persistence and dedication I managed to train myself into a successful landscape photographer. I’ve become somewhat sentimental about film, its raw and organic feeling, it has a look about it that just can’t be reproduced.

For years I’ve forgone the latest and greatest tech in favour of film but with the future of analogue dwindling towards the end of an era I needed a new camera. In 2016, I bought a brand-new Phase One IQ3 100 Mega Pixel camera thinking it can do everything film can do but it just can’t. Half of the photos below a captured on one of the world’s most expensive cameras and the other half on a second-hand camera from 1993. Can you spot the difference?

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Destin Sparks Portrait with Fuji GX617


Chatoyant Bliss (Whitsundays, Australia) – Film


Friolero (Mt Hutton, New Zealand) – Digital


Bisou Dore (The Twelve Apostles, Australia) – Film


Whispers (Yosemite Valley, United States) – Digital


Night Guardian (Lake Wanaka, New Zealand) – Film


Transcendence (Millaa Millaa Falls, Australia) – Film


Timeless Bond (Swan River, Australia) – Film


The Mask (Antelope Canyon, United States) – Digital


Wonderwall (Kyoto, Japan) – Digital


Shadow Land (Hooker Valley, New Zealand) – Digital


Illusionary (Mout Cook, New Zealand) – Digital


Sanctity of Light (Hopetoun Falls, Australia) – Film