28 Photos Of Everyday Things You’ll Only See In Dubai

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates and is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Over the past few decades, Dubai has undergone an incredible transformation. Its unique circumstances have made it a city that is constantly setting itself apart from the rest of the world.

Dubai has become a playground for the affluent with the city boasting an outlandish amount of luxury and extravagance. Oil revenue spurred the development of Dubai, but now the city’s main revenues come from: financial services, real estate, tourism and aviation. It has also created some literal monsters in professional bodybuilders such as Big Ramy (or Mamdouh Elssbiay), Nathan De asha, Ahmad Ashkanani and Roelly Winklaar just to name a few. Along with giants roaming the gyms, Ferrari’s roaming the streets, and gold plated everything, there are certain things that you can only see in Dubai. With a city that embraces excess like no other, the lifestyles of the people of Dubai are unlike anything most of us have or ever will see. From ridiculously exotic pets like tigers and leopards to gold bars that are easily accessible, here are 28 photos of everyday things you’ll only see in Dubai.

1. Luxury car enthusiasts don’t need to go to a car show to see some top tier vehicles.Dubai traffic jams are full of luxury cars, and they certainly make traveling bumper to bumper more extravagant. Do they only come in red though? Spot how many people are taking pictures out of their car windows.


2. You certainly wouldn’t want to lose one of these pricey phones, which were spotted for sale at the Dubai International Airport. The US price listed on the right side of the tag shows these cellular devices are worth more than some people’s homes.



3. In case you needed to grab some gold while on the go, Dubai has ATMs that dispense fine gold bars sold at real-time prices. This particular gold ATM is located in the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, which cost over $1 billion to construct.


4. Even coffee chains like Starbucks get the luxury treatment. Do the coffee cups and croissants come gold plated like the wall as well? And it’s as if coffee from Starbucks wasn’t expensive enough.



5. Home to the most elevated tennis court in the world, Dubai even goes as far as taking their recreational sporting to extremes. My question is where do the spectators sit? On individual helicopters? Safe to say not many players will be making dives into the ‘stands.’



6. Seeing people walking their pets is a common sight in any city. However, only in Dubai do you get to witness people walking their camels in automobiles. And not just any automobile, a Mercedes G wagon that is!



7. Limousines may extend vehicles to new lengths, but in Dubai they also go wide! This broad Jeep Wrangler must be an absolute nightmare to park. It is also going to make checking your blind spot that much harder.



8. Even the cops in Dubai ride in style. With this Lamborghini police vehicle, one can only imagine that car chases in this city would look like something straight out of a Fast & Furious film. This makes sense since the average ride in Dubai is a Porsche.dubai81


9. Islam is the official religion of the UAE but other religions are respected and practiced as well. While swimwear is appropriate by the pool or on the beach, there’s a very clear culture clash when it comes to the locals and vacationers.yt


10. No fantasy can’t become a reality in Dubai, which explains how the city managed to create the world’s largest artificial island. As if their tourism industry wasn’t booming enough as it is, they decided to make more land to accommodate for the visitors.



11. Don’t let the lack of snow make you think you can’t hit the slopes in Dubai. Ski Dubai, an indoor ski resort, is 22,500 square meters and is located in the Mall of the Emirates. So you can hit the sand dunes and some rowdy slopes as well!



12. Despite the abundance of wealth in Dubai, there is still generosity at play. In this picture, this local business offers free food to those who have no money or are currently unemployed. Give people the basic necessities so that they can strive to reach their passions!



13. Not only do the super wealthy in Dubai have wildly exotic pets, they also feed them some exotic food. One Emirati user posted this picture to Instagram of his two lion cubs feasting on a shark in his backyard.



14. Pet cats look a lot different in Dubai. Not only do people take their camels for walks, they also take their pet lions for casual boat trips. I guess they aren’t concerned with the cat’s giant paws ruining the leather.



15. Why waste time in traffic when you can just get your luxury car airlifted? Do you even need a car if you have a private jet? And I wonder if they are sitting in the helicopter or the car?



16. Usually seeing a car head into the water would be a disaster, but the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has a collection of eight amphibious cars. Avoid all traffic jams by skimming across the water!



17. Here’s one metro sign you don’t see every day! Apparently carrying fish on the metro is enough of an occurrence that signs had to be created to forbid the smelly practice. Is their version of a Metro some sort of sky rail or just Benz’s tied to each other back to back?



18. Turns out, parking lots in Dubai aren’t just a showcase for luxury vehicles, they also double as casual zoos. If you can’t leave a pet in a closed vehicle, can you leave your pet outside under the sun if it IS your vehicle?



19. In a city surrounded by decadence, it’s no surprise that some of Dubai’s bedrooms look fit for royalty. This room in particular is just one of the many suites offered at the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab. I wonder if they still charge for drinks in the mini fridge?img6


20. Nope, that’s not the front foyer or lobby to some extravagant building, it’s just a bathroom. Space certainly isn’t an issue for the facilities in this Dubai residence, nor would it be even if it was a public bathroom.



21. In other countries, it is near impossible for children to get the puppy or kitten that they have always wanted. And when they ask for a pony their chances of getting one is even slimmer. Now imagine asking mom and dad for a lion. Instead of walking their pets, some people in Dubai just hitch a ride.



22. Only in Dubai will you see someone stacking tortoises for their own personal entertainment. Or maybe he is a theoretical physicist studying the theory that says the Earth is just stacked on top of one tortoise, stacked on another tortoise, stacked on another tortoise and so on.



23. The exotic food options in Dubai include “Caucasian Cuisine.” I wonder how popular this sort of ethnic food is in Dubai. They serve chicken balls, frozen pizza, pizza pops and macaroni and cheese. Drinks include Kool-aid, Gatorade, and Coke Zero.



24. Not only is Dubai home to the largest mall in the world, the city’s gigantic shopping center also includes one of the largest suspended aquariums to ever exist. So if you’re ever bored or tired of the long walk around the mall, just sit back and watch the fishes!



25. Those traveling to and from Dubai can embrace the city’s luxury in the air with extravagant first class flights. No need to worry about leg room when you can just lay back. But that’s only if they don’t already have their own personal private jets.



26. As mentioned earlier, the exponential growth of Dubai can be seen in many before and after photos. Witnessing some construction is one thing you can guarantee to see in Dubai. With the city constantly expanding, it’s said that 1 in every 5 cranes in the world are located in Dubai.



27. For a city that laughs in the face of moderation, it’s no surprise that the dessert options are incredibly over the top. Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes store is home to the world’s most expensive cupcake, which contains 23 carats of edible gold.



28. Even the bus stops in Dubai don’t skimp out on luxury. These little enclosed stops are equipped with air conditioning so you don’t have to wait in the heat. These bus stops are so well equipped that homeless people could probably live in them!



Via : Providr