12 Huge Difference Between South Korea And North Korea

We hear a lot of difference between North Korea and South Korea nowadays. The Northern Korea is a nation run by an insane dictator who punishes his people for wearing wrong haircuts and rules over them whereas South Korea is a democratic country and home of Gangnam Style. Northern Korea and Southern Korea were a part of Korea but in the end of World War II, they get separated.

So Today we will tell you these “Must Known” difference between South Korea and North Korea.

1. South Korea has now become an economic powerhouse and country of renowned companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai whereas North Korea had become a poor and unpredictable nation.
2. In South Korea, you can access internet easily but in North, it’s not an easy task. You need a permit to access internet in North Korea. Only wealthy and powerful get this service. Even after accessing the internet service, you can access only 28 sites which don’t include social networking sites like Facebook.


3. In North Korea, people died at an average age of 72 whereas, in South, people live 12 years more than the people of South Korea.
4. The population of North Korea is less than South Korea. The population of South Korea is 50.25 million whereas, in North, it is 25.26 million.
5. In South Korea, men have to serve for only 2 years whereas, in North, men have to serve for about a decade and women till 23 years of age.
6. South Korea spends a low amount of GDP on its military even though it has much more GDP than North Korea whereas North spends 22% of its GDP on the military.


7. People in South are 3 inches taller than North Korea People. This difference is much visible in children.


8. In North Korea, 40% of its population is below the poverty line even it spends a much more amount of its GDP on the military whereas South is having a period of economic growth.
9. Southern Korea is known for its exceptional films. It’s most of the films are made by a man named Shin Sang. However, North is also tied up with the propaganda.


10. Tourism in North Korea is not very easy. The government doesn’t want tourists to take photographs of those things that they are not supposed to see whereas visiting Southern Korea is normal as visiting another country.
11. In terms of World Press Freedom 2017, South got 63rd position whereas North Korea was last at 180th position.
12. Northern Korea is also accused of human rights abuses. Standing against the regime can get you in a serious trouble. The Current leader of Northern Korea is Kim Jong-Un.