Must see!! Actual alien abduction cought by security cam.

This truly could be the first real video (taken by a security camera) showing an actual alien abduction captured on film! Please leave your thoughts!

Regardless of whether, or not this is a hoax. I don’t think it is necessary to just ignore these things, and write them off as lunacy.  There could be people out there that are suffering, and all we have ever been programmed to do is just laugh at them. We laugh at something that could be bigger than us because we are in denial of it, and we refuse to consider it as a logical factor in life knowing there is a heavy chance that it actually is. We just simply fail to understand it. It’s like the Easter egg of life hue. It really says a lot about human nature. We are experiencing a heavy mental retardation of programmed thinking. It’s like some kind of sick game of mind control, and for the majority of us it’s hard to just open up our 3rd eye to new possibilities.