Swiss Village Will Give $70,000 To Families Willing To Move In And This Is How Life There Will Look Like

With real estate prices only going up, it has become tougher and tougher for young couples to own a home and start their own family. However, a village in Switzerland called Albinen is set to give money to people who are willing to relocate to their remote village. Albinen is in the Canton of Valais and offers a gorgeous mountainside view.

It is a small remote village with a population of 240 people. Their municipality president is saying that families and young people are relocating elsewhere.

So far their village school has closed down which has forced their last seven remaining children to have to get an education in a neighboring village.

That’s why they are trying to recruit young families and people under the age of 45 to their tiny village.

But this initiative still must be approved by a public vote and so far the village has received numerous inquiries from all around the world.

And of course, there are more conditions to this tempting offer. The conditions state that any and every foreigner must have a C permit which is a Swiss permanent residency permit.